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Insurance lessons from the Championships

12 Apr 2020

There is an adage ‘Insurance is like a parachute; you better have it when you need it’.  Yet, we tend to think that insurance is too expensive and not worth it. However, anything which is valuable to you, be it

Maternity Insurance Cover in UAE: All you need to know!

20 Feb 2020

One point of concern for expectant mothers in the UAE is maternity insurance cover. This contains OB-GYN consultations, essential ultrasound scans, doctor appointments and medical testing along with hospital stay. Without an effective Maternity Insurance Cover, this is a heavy

How to get the no claims discount on car insurance

13 Feb 2020

With an increase in the number of cars on the road, there is a gradual rise in number of road accidents too. This has made it necessary for car owners to invest in proper and comprehensive car insurance plans. Additionally,

Top 7 Car Insurance Myths And Misconceptions

14 Aug 2018

It’s natural to have doubts especially when you are a first-time car owner looking for the best insurance policy for your vehicle. Well, we’re here to bust the top car insurance myths and misconceptions that you might have heard floating

Third party vs comprehensive car insurance

7 Aug 2018

Purchasing a car is just half way through your journey to actually start driving it on the roads of the UAE. There is still the matter of choosing a good car insurance policy for your newly bought ride. That’s when

What is Takaful insurance?

24 Jul 2018

What is Takaful insurance? How does Takaful insurance work? And How is it different from the conventional insurance policies? The word ‘Takaful’ literally means ‘mutual agreement’ which have been derived from an Arabic word ‘Kafalah’ meaning ‘to take care of’.

Are UAE road conditions driving consumers to spend more on car insurance?

24 Jul 2018

While comparing different car insurance rates, there is indeed a whole slew of intriguing questions that often pop up, one of them being “Are UAE road conditions driving consumers to spend more on car insurance?” Well, let’s just say many

Why is Any Car Insurance Policy Valid for 13 Months?

12 Jul 2018

If you are scouting around the UAE looking for the best car insurance plans, then one of the many questions that might have left you baffled was ‘why is a car insurance policy valid for 13 months?’. The general assumption

Personal Possessions Insurance Coverage

10 Jul 2018

Mobile phones, laptops, luxury watches, jewelry, etc. are what most of us would consider as personal possessions. And in order to safeguard these prized contents from theft, fire, water damages or accidents, you might want to consider acquiring a Personal

Off Road Coverage

21 Jun 2018

If you reside in the UAE, possess a valid driver’s license and own a 4x4 vehicle like Nissan Patrol, Jeep Wrangler or Land Cruiser, then it won’t be long before the adventurer in you wishes to explore the vast expanses