Credit Cards

Top 4 smart ways to use your Credit Cards

17 Feb 2020

Credit cards have been amongst the most popular financial products of the present times. You would be surprised to know that the term “plastic money” was initially used for credit cards only. The various advantages that they bestow upon the

How to use your credit card when traveling

25 Nov 2019

The most common financial advice people traveling abroad get is that it is much safer to use a credit card than to carry cash. This, in a way, makes much sense. It is very easy to get pickpocketed when carrying

5 Ways to Avoid Overspending on Your Credit Card

29 Sep 2019

Life has become much easier through credit cards, but with a tendency of impulsive purchase in most of us, things can go wrong with a long list of credit card bills to pay. To weed out this tendency of overspending,

Top Ways to Get Out of Debt Fast

23 Jul 2019

A recent study has shown that 5 out of 10 people in the UAE are in debt and 3 out of 10 people are not being able to save money. Falling into debt is something most people suffer from which

Best Travel Credit Cards

20 May 2019

Are you a travel junkie who saves to travel the world? Check out the best travel credit cards that can save you a fortune! Best Travel Credit Cards in the UAE Skywards Infinite Credit Card Explore and enjoy a world

Common Mistakes That Ruin Your Credit Score Even if You Were the Wealthiest

31 Dec 2018

When it comes to credit score, it is common to think that wealthy people have a perfect one. They have piles of money, big fat paychecks; they can never falter in repaying debt, right? Wrong. Piles of money do not

Credit Card Vs Personal Loans : Which One Should You Get?

16 Dec 2018

When you’re looking to acquire debt, there are two chief options to choose from: Credit Cards or Loans. Now, there’s no easy answer to which one’s a better or superior option. The key lies in examining your financial situations, reviewing

How to Keep a Good Credit Score?

22 Nov 2018

Credit score isn’t just a figure; it is a direct testament of your credibility. It is one of those numbers that you’d always want to keep high if you want to be in the good books of loaners, banks, and

Dubai Super Sale: 3 Tips to Make The Best of it!

21 Nov 2018

We have good news. And we have bad news. Let’s do the good one first. There is a massive super sale in the city this weekend (From 22nd to 24th of November 2018) with over 250 brands across 1500 outlets

Shop Smart this Christmas Using Your Credit Card

20 Nov 2018

If there’s anything that sounds merrier than Christmas, it is Christmas and credit cards. After all, with Christmas being less than six weeks away, it is officially festive season – the coming of which calls for shopping gifts, making travel