If you reside in the UAE, possess a valid driver’s license and own a 4×4 vehicle like Nissan Patrol, Jeep Wrangler or Land Cruiser, then it won’t be long before the adventurer in you wishes to explore the vast expanses of the many beautiful desert spots across the country. But before you hit the soothing soft sands, you might want to check out the ‘Off Road Coverage’ feature on your car insurance policy and see if you are in fact, covered under this situation.

No doubt if you own a car in the UAE, you’ll already have had your vehicle insured with one of the many insurance companies out there. But what you need to check is whether you’ve been covered for off road usage as well. While some companies provide this service as an optional extra, others offer them already bundled in their products. Many even extend GCC coverage which will come in handy especially if you travel often by road to Oman.

Now, when comparing companies that offer off road capabilities, it is vital you carefully go through the restrictions put on this particular cover.

‘These may include driving the vehicle off-road but within city limits or a certain distance from the paved path, the age of the car and/or whether its being used as part of desert activities such as off-road racing or dune bashing.’


Before you go off-roading make sure you’re well equipped with not only the basics like tow rope, adequate refreshments and a fellow adventurer driving alongside you with his or her 4×4 vehicle, but also a suitable off-road coverage. It might seem like an added cost or an unnecessary precautionary measure but if you are the outdoorsy type and love taking the road less travelled, then having this option as part of your auto insurance will definitely ensure you peace of mind.

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