Health Insurance

Maternity Insurance Cover in UAE: All you need to know!

20 Feb 2020

One point of concern for expectant mothers in the UAE is maternity insurance cover. This contains OB-GYN consultations, essential ultrasound scans, doctor appointments and medical testing along with hospital stay. Without an effective Maternity Insurance Cover, this is a heavy

How to Pick the Right Health Insurance for You and Your Family

8 Oct 2019

Making arrangements for getting the health insurance in Dubai for your family might be daunting as it considers each family member especially when you consider taking a cover for your parents, your just born baby or your maid. However, there

Top Health Insurance FAQs

14 May 2019

Before buying your health insurance policy, check out the top health insurance faqs we receive on a regular basis. What does health insurance cover? Health insurance generally covers the cost of doctors or emergency room visits, medicines, laboratory & other

Top Health Insurance Terms You Should Know

14 May 2019

Health Insurance can be a bit tricky if you are not aware of all the terms and conditions of your policy, here are the top health insurance terms that you should keep in mind. Accident An event which is not