Capstone sweeps International Adviser Best Practice Awards!

20 Nov 2019

International Advisers (IA) announced winners of their fourth edition of Best Practice Awards. The awards recognize the best financial advisers within insurance and investment industry for incorporating best practices across different functions. In just their third year since inception, Capstone

Top 10 Most Instagrammable Cars

1 Jul 2019

Who doesn't love supercars? Here are the Top Most Instagrammable Cars in the world. Photos of cars are amongst the most popular on Instagram, with owners who like to show off and share pictures of their ride, as well as

Best Things to Do During Eid Al Fitr

2 Jun 2019

The holy month of Ramadan is coming to an end and Eid Al Fitr is approaching us. Public sector employees will enjoy a 7 days Eid break, however, the private sector's holiday will start from Monday till Thursday. It is

Top 10 Affordable Iftar Buffets in Dubai

6 May 2019

In Ramadan, the Iftars and Suhoors options become endless and so confusing. So here are the top 10 affordable iftar buffets in Dubai if you would like to invite your family or friends during the holy month of Ramadan. Top

Top Weird Insurance Policies You Didn’t Know About

4 Mar 2019

When the word insurance comes to your mind, the regular terms come to your mind like, Health Insurance, Car Insurance, Life Insurance...etc. But that is not the case with some weird insurance policies that people have requested and pay for

Dubai Traffic Fines List 2019

21 Feb 2019

Did you get caught for traffic violations? Here's a driver's guide to Dubai Traffic Fines List. General Fines Driving under the influence of drugs or similar substances: Fine and jail term decided by court, 23 black points and confiscation 60

ADCB, UNB and Al Hilal Bank Combine to Create AED 420 Billion Bank

29 Jan 2019

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB), Union National Bank (UNB) and Al Hilal Bank have announced a merger on Tuesday. They will create the third largest UAE bank with a total asset size of AED 420 billion. Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange

UAE Tourists Can Claim Tax Refund Now

23 Dec 2018

Now tourists can enjoy a tax free shopping experience in the UAE. UAE tourists will be able to get a Tax Refund on any purchases in the UAE. The new tax refund scheme allows tourists to claim 85% VAT refund on

Top Things to Do on the UAE National Day Weekend

27 Nov 2018

Weekends in the UAE are always spectacular – bustling with offers, deals, and a galore of entertainment avenues! There’s absolutely no doubt about that. But something is oh so special about the upcoming weekend – the one that’s super looong

Splurging on Delivery Room Decoration is The New Financial Blunder

25 Nov 2018

Weddings aren’t the only events these days for which people save/loan extravagantly, and on which people spend blindly. No, not anymore. Rumor has it there is another player of the sort in the market. Say hi to Delivery Room Decoration.