While comparing different car insurance rates, there is indeed a whole slew of intriguing questions that often pop up, one of them being “Are UAE road conditions driving consumers to spend more on car insurance?” Well, let’s just say many UAE residents believe in the phrase, ‘better safe than sorry’.

Although the UAE has a positive driving culture which makes cruising around its roads relatively safe, there is still a high probability of an accident occurring due to a number of unforeseen factors such as motorists speeding, abruptly changing lanes, bullying and aggressive driving, lack of use of indicators and tailgating. All these and more are the reasons why residents have become wary about their vehicles being highly vulnerable to damage while on the road.

This road safety awareness could be leading them to buy their car insurance policy based on the level of cover and not just opting for the cheapest one out there. Many people prefer to spend a little more money and acquire a better coverage plan than just paying minimum for a policy and not being properly covered. Most opt for the mid-range products over the premium and basic car insurance products.

Furthermore, there are many UAE residents who also purchase add-ons like Replacement Car and Personal Accident covers over and above buying a good quality car insurance policy. So instead of shelling out on costly repairs in the event of an accident, people prefer to be well-prepared for any possible scenario by buying a higher quality insurance plan that covers any potential damage to the vehicle.

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