Mobile phones, laptops, luxury watches, jewelry, etc. are what most of us would consider as personal possessions. And in order to safeguard these prized contents from theft, fire, water damages or accidents, you might want to consider acquiring a Personal Possessions insurance coverage in the UAE.

Personal possessions coverage can be obtained as part of Home Insurance plans which cover accidental loss or damage to valuables and personal possessions as well as loss from financial fraud on credit and debit cards. You can also avail worldwide personal belongings coverage which means your valuables such as personal money, passport, driver’s license, legal documents, portable equipment, laptops, jewelry, etc. are protected wherever you go.

Another form of personal possessions insurance is offered through comprehensive motor insurance providers in the UAE who cover loss or damage to personal belongings that are inside or on your car, starting from up to AED 4,000. However, you would need to check with your preferred insurance company exactly what items are covered before you sign on the dotted line as few of them do not cover things like money, lottery tickets, bonds, documents, vouchers, etc.

The insurance might not even cover personal possessions stolen from an open-top or convertible car, although certain conditions would apply.


Many UAE residents are quite hesitant to acquire personal possessions insurance in any form as there is a widespread misconception that this particular insurance is on the expensive side. However, you’ll be surprised to know that there are banks and insurance companies that offer policies starting at just AED 250 per year while some provide this sort of insurance for as little as AED 1 per day!

Personal possessions insurance isn’t mandatory in the UAE however, it can save you from incurring huge loses if an unfortunate event occurs. So don’t leave anything to chance… let BankOnUs help you zero in on the best personal possessions covers for you.

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