International Advisers (IA) announced winners of their fourth edition of Best Practice Awards. The awards recognize the best financial advisers within insurance and investment industry for incorporating best practices across different functions.

In just their third year since inception, Capstone Insurance has been progressive in their approach of providing insurance advisory. This has been recognized by IA by awarding them 3 awards. This is the maximum number of awards won by any single company in this edition of the awards. This, in turn, speaks volumes about legacy that Capstone has managed to established in such a short time frame.

  1. Best Adviser Firm Established under three years: Capstone has laid out lofty ambitions and at the same time, has put out a business strategy to make itself future-proof. IA took cognizance of the same while awarding this highly prestigious award to Capstone.
  2.  Excellence in Digital Innovation: Capstone Insurance, in partnership with Bankonus, has charted out a data-based and AI-driven approach which is way ahead of its time and the same helped Capstone secure this award.
  3. Excellence in Diversity: Capstone has always been clear in its plan of garnering clients across diverse backgrounds. This is fueled by having a similar diversity in their workforce. And by workforce, we do not just limit it to front line advisers, but also include support and call center teams. IA awarded Capstone Insurance in recognizance of this diversity.

Capstone Insurance has set up a new precedent by winning 3 awards this year, as compared to 2 last year, and we are hoping for them to keep increasing the count year on year!

You may access the entire list of winners here.

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