Insurance lessons from the Championships

12 Apr 2020

There is an adage ‘Insurance is like a parachute; you better have it when you need it’.  Yet, we tend to think that insurance is too expensive and not worth it. However, anything which is valuable to you, be it

COVID-19: How to protect your family’s future in these times?

5 Apr 2020

Over a million people globally have been infected by the COVID-19, making this the most significant public health crisis of our time.  The Coronavirus outbreak has literally put the world into quarantine, and when a worldwide event consumes the news,

Stay home, buy insurance and renew vehicle registration online 24 x 7

26 Mar 2020

COVID-19 has literally taken the world by storm. Within a span of few months, it has infected almost 500,000 people and resulting in over 20,000 deaths. Governments of different countries have been taking several measures to rein in this deadly

How to save money on your car insurance policy

2 Mar 2020

It is mandatory to have car insurance to drive a car in the UAE. That being said, car insurance is in no way cheap. But once you have a firm understanding of car insurance policies, including the options available, the

Best Way to Invest Small Amounts of Money

27 Feb 2020

In order to maximize the potential of your hard-earned money, it is important to consider all forms of investment in Dubai. This means you would be looking for options that put your money at work which depends on whether or

5 warning indicators of emerging financial mishaps

25 Feb 2020

Are you currently facing huge financial commitments? You may be financially broke without any solutions or possible outcomes. Managing utility bills, rents, school fees and daily expenses alongside loans on a restricted paycheck can be daunting for many. This can

Maternity Insurance Cover in UAE: All you need to know!

20 Feb 2020

One point of concern for expectant mothers in the UAE is maternity insurance cover. This contains OB-GYN consultations, essential ultrasound scans, doctor appointments and medical testing along with hospital stay. Without an effective Maternity Insurance Cover, this is a heavy

Top 4 smart ways to use your Credit Cards

17 Feb 2020

Credit cards have been amongst the most popular financial products of the present times. You would be surprised to know that the term “plastic money” was initially used for credit cards only. The various advantages that they bestow upon the

How to get the no claims discount on car insurance

13 Feb 2020

With an increase in the number of cars on the road, there is a gradual rise in number of road accidents too. This has made it necessary for car owners to invest in proper and comprehensive car insurance plans. Additionally,

How to use your credit card when traveling

25 Nov 2019

The most common financial advice people traveling abroad get is that it is much safer to use a credit card than to carry cash. This, in a way, makes much sense. It is very easy to get pickpocketed when carrying