Capstone sweeps International Adviser Best Practice Awards!

20 Nov 2019

International Advisers (IA) announced winners of their fourth edition of Best Practice Awards. The awards recognize the best financial advisers within insurance and investment industry for incorporating best practices across different functions. In just their third year since inception, Capstone

All you need to know about insuring Ferrari in the UAE

18 Nov 2019

Owning a Ferrari in the UAE is undoubtedly amongst the greatest pleasures of your life. Ferrari has become synonymous with power, sophistication, and speed. This has, in turn, contributed a lot behind its rising popularity in the UAE. Therefore, it

How to Pick the Right Health Insurance for You and Your Family

8 Oct 2019

Making arrangements for getting the health insurance in Dubai for your family might be daunting as it considers each family member especially when you consider taking a cover for your parents, your just born baby or your maid. However, there

Why Should You Stop Buying Car Insurance Offline

2 Oct 2019

If you've just bought yourself a new car, the next step you would make is to buy a car insurance cover. Even a mechanical failure or a small dent on your car can prompt you to bear a hefty sum

5 Ways to Avoid Overspending on Your Credit Card

29 Sep 2019

Life has become much easier through credit cards, but with a tendency of impulsive purchase in most of us, things can go wrong with a long list of credit card bills to pay. To weed out this tendency of overspending,

How to File a Claim for a Car Accident in the UAE

25 Sep 2019

Accidents on the road can happen to anyone. If you are the one who has just faced a car accident, the first thing to do is remain calm. Make sure to get an insurance claim. You need to follow a

Should You Repair or Replace your Car?

23 Sep 2019

Has your current visit to the car garage turned into nightmares? Did it induce you an impulsive desire to repair or replace your worn-out car? Well, it's time to evaluate your decision. Nobody loves to shell out constant dirhams on

How to Transfer Car Ownership in the UAE

27 Aug 2019

Are you buying or selling a car in the UAE and would like to transfer your car ownership to your name? Be aware: If you didn't transfer the car under your name and you are caught by the police, you will

Top Ways to Get Out of Debt Fast

23 Jul 2019

A recent study has shown that 5 out of 10 people in the UAE are in debt and 3 out of 10 people are not being able to save money. Falling into debt is something most people suffer from which

Top 10 Most Instagrammable Cars

1 Jul 2019

Who doesn't love supercars? Here are the Top Most Instagrammable Cars in the world. Photos of cars are amongst the most popular on Instagram, with owners who like to show off and share pictures of their ride, as well as