Credit cards have been amongst the most popular financial products of the present times. You would be surprised to know that the term “plastic money” was initially used for credit cards only. The various advantages that they bestow upon the users make them a must-have for everyone. Such is the popularity of credit cards that either most people already have one or are considering getting one. But it is pertinent to mention here that not everything is promising with credit cards.

Not sure how? Well, read on to know about the top 4 smart ways to use your credit card: –

Plan your purchase:

Most credit cards come with an interest-free period of up to 50 days. In order to maximize the benefits of this period, you need to time your purchases. High-value purchases should be made towards the beginning of the billing cycle, while regular purchases can be made anytime. This will not only allow you to enjoy the interest-free period for the maximum duration but will also give you ample time to plan the repayment.

Pay the bill in entirety:

Do not fall into the trap of paying the “Minimum amount due.” Make it a point to pay your credit card bills in entirety every month. This will help you avail the benefits of the interest-free period, and you will not need to pay any interest on your purchases. Moreover, your credit score will also receive a boost with this smart practice.

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Use the reward points:

Your credit card company offers you reward points on every transaction that you make. Though, you must remember that these reward points come with a validity period, and you must, therefore, use them before they expire. Your credit card company offers an exciting redemption program where you can get great gifts and benefits by redeeming your reward points.

Do not withdraw cash:

Unless and until it is absolutely urgent, do not use your credit card to withdraw cash; instead, make payments to vendors through the credit card. When you withdraw cash (or forex) with your credit card, the company levies an exorbitant “cash advance charge” and higher interest rate. Moreover, it has an adverse impact on your credit score.

By following these tips, you can maximize the benefits from your credit card and save yourself from any financial problems. If you are considering applying for a new credit card, then visit for the best deals and offers.

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