Making arrangements for getting the health insurance in Dubai for your family might be daunting as it considers each family member especially when you consider taking a cover for your parents, your just born baby or your maid.

However, there are a varied set of rules applicable across the UAE. When it comes to your employer offering the insurance cover for you or you are applying it yourself for your family.

There are certain factors which need to consider before picking the appropriate health insurance for your family in Dubai:

Examine the difference in  various health insurance applicable

In Gulf countries, employers offer health insurance to their every employee mandatorily along with their family members. Many health insurance policies insure until their third child, and if the fourth child or consecutive children exists, the responsibility for insuring them lies on that employee(or that parent) itself.

As per the Dubai law, all family dependents including domestic help should have at least their health insurance – it can be made via visa sponsor and not through their employer.

However, in northern emirates, there is no compulsion on the employers to get their employees the health insurance. It is up to the dependents to apply.

Check whether your family is involved in the same cover as yours

There is no necessity to have an identical plan with your family as they can be covered with different plans. Most of the Dubai health insurance plans adhere to the Dubai Health Authority (DHA)  which also insure their spouses.

However, some employers do provide the common insurance plan for the family as there carries a  risk involved in suffering losses while making claims.

Check your basic plan essentials

There are 12 companies in Dubai which offer the Essential Benefits Plan.

An individual gets the maximum coverage of Dh150,000 in Dubai which doesn’t go beyond in case of any emergency or an existing treatment.

Employers may consider going on a higher side but are not compelled to.

Check for additional benefits

Your employer won’t be liable to pay you additional benefits to your existing health insurance. The additional benefits such as eye check-up, dental care or vaccinations are low-priced enough to cover it on your own.

Check for the Pregnancy terms in health insurance

Married women should be happy to know that Dubai law covers them for their maternity.

The normal delivery for visa-holders in Dubai is extended up to Dh7,000 and for a cesarean section up to Dh10,000.

Check for newborn baby health insurance

Any pregnant woman in Dubai who has insured herself during her maternity, she should relax as her newborn will be insured for the first 30 days from the birth itself. If not taken the health insurance of your expected child, apply for it within 30 days to insure your newborn from day 31.

Check for parents cover

Insuring your parents can cost you heavily more than your spouse or your children as it can go up to Dh30,000 for 50-plus age-groups.

65+ is the age-cut off where insurers may deny to cover pre-defined conditions or stopping, thwack the rising premium if they do, or even stop covering them afterward.

The waiting period up to 24 months entails before insuring pre-existing conditions.

Choosing a family plan would be a much better option rather than insuring your parents separately.

Check for maids cover

The head of the family can only sponsor the maid’s health insurance coverage.

Opt for a minimal plan starting from Dh650 in case of emergencies and A&E listed hospitals.

Get more comprehensive health insurance plans in case of multiple domestic workers subject to their age.


Before picking the right health insurance plan:

  • Visit our website to compare side-by-side the best health insurance policies in the market.
  • You can also check into the hospitals for the insurers who provide direct billing so you can approach them directly.
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