Financial Management

How to Keep a Good Credit Score?

22 Nov 2018

Credit score isn’t just a figure; it is a direct testament of your credibility. It is one of those numbers that you’d always want to keep high if you want to be in the good books of loaners, banks, and

Dubai Super Sale: 3 Tips to Make The Best of it!

21 Nov 2018

We have good news. And we have bad news. Let’s do the good one first. There is a massive super sale in the city this weekend (From 22nd to 24th of November 2018) with over 250 brands across 1500 outlets

5 Easy Ways to Save for a Down Payment

28 Oct 2018

Putting money aside to raise a down payment can be long and discouraging, but the pursuit of such a serious goal is also a good opportunity to develop better financial discipline, which can be applied later for other purposes as

5 Smart Ways to Improve Your Personal Finances

21 Jun 2018

Improving your personal finances and budgeting is important especially if you reside in the UAE. And with the introduction of VAT this year, mostly everyone is looking to save some money wherever possible. If you are one among those who