As per the law in the UAE, every owner of a motor vehicle is required to have a motor insurance policy. Whether it’s a brand-new car, a second-hand one or if you are simply renewing your existing car insurance, it is mandatory that you apply for a motor insurance policy. And so, to provide the UAE residents with a comprehensive choice, there are plenty of companies around who claim to offer an attractive assortment of policy options. This makes it tough to compare policies and ultimately choose the cheapest car insurance in the region. We’ve done our research and found the 7 cheapest car insurance companies that provide reliable coverage at the best possible rates while meeting all your requirements.

Insurance House

Insurance House offers a wide range of car insurance covers that possibly checks all your boxes. It claims to provide its customers with the flexibility of tailoring their own policy and opt for something that’s well within their budget. Whether it is acquiring fresh motor insurance, policy upgrade or renewing an existing one, the options are available in plenty from Insurance House. You can expect comprehensive protection against damages or losses to the car along with driver insurance coverage and legal liabilities that are associated with bodily injuries, damage to property and even death. Some of the additional optional cover features include road side assistance, extended geographical areas coverage and coverage against supplying fuel, issuance of an orange card, unlocking car doors if the car keys are misplaced and towing the car to a vehicle repair shop. You can also opt for an economical stand-alone third party liability policy through Insurance House.


Another good option you can examine while scouting around for the top 7 cheapest car insurance companies is Adamjee. Fast application and claiming process is what the company prides itself in offering their customers. Their main covers include maximum coverage against theft and accidental damage compensation towards your vehicle, third party liability against property damage and personal injury.

Union Insurance

The car insurance section at Union Insurance is perfectly summed up in its tagline, ‘We don’t just cover your vehicle, we protect you too.’ Customers can choose from affordable motor insurance packages that are customized to suit your needs, with helpful staff guiding you through, every step of the way. When you choose Union Insurance, you can expect hassle-free commute with a replacement car at a discounted rate, roadside recovery, airport pick-up drop services, concierge services and swift repair service from their network of agencies and garages. They’ve even thrown in a few freebies such as replacement of locks, windscreen damage and valet parking theft. You can also avail high-value personal accident policy which covers not only you but also co-passengers as well as drivers.

National General Insurance (NGI)

The next option in our top 7 cheapest car insurance companies in the UAE is NGI’s Motor Insurance cover dubbed as Motornet. This flexible automobile coverage has an array of options to choose from, some of which includes protection against natural calamities like storms, floods, earthquakes and hurricanes, repairs at the dealer’s workshop for the first couple of years of vehicle registration and coverage extended to Oman. Customers can also take advantage of other perks such as no claim discounts, third party property damage with a limit up to AED 1,000,000, medical expenses due to an accident of up to AED 5,000, off road cover for 4WD only and rent a car cash settlement covers with a daily value of AED 100 up to a week.


Started in the region nearly 47 years ago i-Insured has managed to establish itself among the acme lot of car insurance companies. The insurance policies offered by the company covers all damages as well as theft, vandalism and fire by self-ignition or lightning. The third party liability insurance offers basic coverage like death or injury to any third party or even property damage caused by the insured car. You can choose from a trio of policies namely Premium, Prestige and Platinum. Whatever you select, you can be rest assured you’ll be covered from natural disasters like storm and floods as well as riots, strike and civil commotion. You are also offered roadside assistance and geographical extension cover within the UAE. And everything from policy issuing to policy renewals can be done online from the comfort of your own home or office.

Noor Takaful

The customer-friendly Noor Takaful car insurance is your one stop shop for loss or damage coverage as well as peace of mind with quick and efficient claims service. The company offers its clients 24/7 roadside assistance, agency repairs, driver and passengers cover and no claims discount. When choosing Noor Takaful’s comprehensive coverage, you’re entitled to up to AED 2,000,000, standard agency repair for 3 years, emergency medical expenses up to AED 4,000, new car replacement up to 6 months, valet parking cover, Oman insurance extension, and car hire up to a period of 7 days.

Dubai Insurance

If you are scouting the market for the top cheapest car insurance companies in the UAE, then you definitely have to check out what Dubai Insurance has to offer. Established back in 1970, DIC provides motor insurance coverage for physical damage in scenarios such as accidental collision, external explosion or self-ignition, overturning, theft, vandalism and damage or loss during transport through road. Third party risks like death or bodily injury as well as damages to property and materials are all covered by Dubai Insurance company.


When you are on the lookout for the top cheapest car insurance companies, some of the pointers to actually keep in mind include convenient and easy to understand policy, easy documentation, hassle-free claims service, prompt service, relevant covers, and of course a good rate policy that doesn’t eat right through your pocket. Keeping all these basic requirements in mind, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the top 7 cheapest car insurance companies so that you can choose your desired options wisely.

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