Latest statistics have found that the main concern for people when buying car insurance is the price, here’s why we have combined the top tips to get cheap car insurance quotes with the best coverage that fits your needs in the UAE.

Here are the top tips to get cheap car insurance quotes:

Know your needs

Before buying your car insurance policy, write down your needs. Do you want offroad coverage? Or do you need Oman coverage? And is agency repair a priority for you? Know your needs and your top priorities in your car insurance policy so you do not pay for things you do not need.

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Compare before you buy

Compare all the options in the market before you buy to get the best price. Use online comparison websites to do the hard work for you. Put in your details and check the prices that come up within seconds. You can compare car insurance policies side-by-side to pick the best one for you.

Get the no claims bonus

If you were a good careful driver for the past year, don’t forget to get your no claims certificate because that will give you up to 10% discount on your policy!

Check for discounts

Don’t be shy! Ask for a discount! Most online websites offer special discounts and vouchers that you can redeem in your favorite place. In, we offer special discounts with vouchers where you can redeem to buy perfume, trendy clothes and much more!

Check your policy’s add-ons

Make sure that you need the added extras you’re buying, that they’re suitable for your needs and that you don’t already have sufficient cover from another source. Typical car insurance add-ons include: Legal assistance Courtesy car cover, Personal accident cover, Windscreen cover Protected. Find out more about these before buying something you may not need.

Do not auto renew

Do not auto-renew your car insurance policy because prices will vary and you might get better rates next year with great coverage on your policy.

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