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My top priority is to minimize loss. I am prepared to accept small movements up and down in the value of my plan, with the aim of beating inflation.

Limiting loss is important to me. I aim to achieve reasonable growth yet I am prepared to accept moderate movements up and down in the value of my plan.

I would like to have control over managing loss and making gains as well. I am prepared to accept movements up and down in the value of my plan, with the aim of achieving good growth.

My ambition is to make gains. I am prepared to accept the risk of large losses and large movements up and down in the value of my plan, with the aim of achieving high growth.

I aim to achieve the highest growth possible because maximising returns is my priority. I am prepared to accept the risk of substantial losses and substantial movements up and down in the value of my plan.

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Benefits of Smart Investments

Whether you just got a new job or started your way towards parenthood, it is important to be ready to meet all the responsibilities and life's unplanned hiccups. In such situations, only a smart investment plan can help you go through such circumstances.

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Whether you are planning for an early retirement, ensuring your children are well educated or saving for your dream home, or any other aspiration you have that needs a capital, making these goals a reality depends on your willingness to plan and save.

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  • We will help you boost your savings and have passive income through your investment plan with us
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Short-term investment goals

In our case study about short term saving, Ahmad wanted to save big deposit to buy a house within 3 years. Here are some strategies that someone with a short-term goal, like Ahmad, could consider:

  • Pay off credit cards and personal loans first to free up additional cash to save
  • Save a fixed amount each pay period - do a budget to ensure your money is going towards the important things
  • Choose cash investment with good security and easy access such as a high-interest savings account or term deposit

Medium-term investment goals

For Aziz, Medium-term investment goal revolved around saving and investing to pay for higher education for his daughter in 8 years. Here are the top things you should consider:

  • Start planning early - the cost of university education can be as high as a home
  • Pay off your high interest debt as soon as possible
  • Reduce expenses to achieve your financial goals

Long-term investment goals

Bassam, started saving for retirement at age 50 and planning to retire by the age 65. Bassam’s younger brother, Ali, started saving at age 30, and plans to retire by the age of 55. Time is your friend when saving for retirement plan. Here are the things that Ali did to achieve an early retirement goal:

  • It is never too early to start investing for retirement! Start an early saving and investment plan for retirement
  • If you are just starting out, focus on saving as much as you can now
  • Get a good investment expert
  • Since it is a long term goal, it would be good to diversify your investment

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We are here to maximize your wealth and help you explore the possibilities of life and provide actionable insights and advice. Find out what it takes to buy a home, take time off for travel, or enjoy an early retirement without any financial worries.

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