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Compare Car Insurance: Get the Best Quote Online

Compare car insurance policies using a simple tool to get the best quotes from top insurers.

How Car Insurance Comparison Helps

You can compare policies from top brands instantly. To opt for the right car policy as per your need and convenience, compare quotes online.

Here's how comparison will help you:

  • Same car. Different insurance companies. Different car rates. Not all insurers offer same coverage and premiums. That’s the reason you should compare car policies. Comparison helps you get the ideal coverage at a suitable premium. At BankOnUs, you can compare car insurance quotes from 12+ top insurance companies of UAE in a matter of seconds to get the best possible premiums for your car policy.
  • Customizable policy. You get a completely customizable policy, when you compare quotes online. Customize your policy in terms of selecting the type of car insurance policy. And get real time quotes from the leading companies of UAE.
  • Side-to-side comparison. Compare car insurance policies side-to-side on aspects like premium, cover, add-ons available, discounts offered, etc. to find the right policy. We make the evaluation process easier and help you boil down to the suitable plan for your vehicle.
  • Your pick of insurance add-ons. Car Insurance add-ons saves you tons of money at the time of claims. BankOnUs.com's comparison tool helps you check and compare different add-ons offered by different insurers. However, not all insurance companies provide every add-on. You can compare which companies give you the add-ons you need, and which don’t, and make your choice accordingly.

Benefits of Comparing Car Insurance Policies Online

  • Convenient: Check quotes from the top car insurance companies of UAE instantly. No hassle. A complete online comparison can be done from the comfort of your home or even on the go with BankOnUs.com.
  • Clarity of policy details: You get to understand the ideal coverage for your car, the right price and possible discounts. You also get clarity about deductibles and exclusions. This fastens up your buying decisions.
  • Numerous options: With vast options to choose from, you can assure yourself the best policy that is apt for your car. Doing a comparison, you also get to know if there are new insurers in the market who have better schemes to offer.
  • Save money: You can save money in the overall process of buying a car insurance by comparing policies. A side-by-side comparison gives you free quotes offered by various insurers. This way the ball is in your court.
  • Transparency: You can compare to see who is charging higher premiums and on what grounds to make your choice. You get what you see! Comparing car insurance online is much better as you can clearly see details of the product that insurers offer.
  • Get smarter: Online car insurance comparison platforms have tons of resources like videos, infographics and articles to help you understand the finer points of Insurance. Be a smart and tech-savvy buyer and understand what you are buying. You'll never have to rely on an agent again!

Why Compare Car Insurance Policies from BankOnUs.com

  • Expert advice We have a team of experts to help you pick the right insurance for your car. We recommend listening to their advice and making your own decision. Renewal of your car insurance also becomes a really easy task because of our expert's unbiased advice.
  • Immediate Delivery Once you buy the right policy after you’ve done the compare insurance and compare policy drill to your satisfaction, the process of delivering your policy documents should be as effortless as making instant noodles. With no long forms to fill and quick online payment methods, we ensure that your policy is express-delivered to your inbox even before you refresh. It's that fast when you buy insurance policy online.
  • Transparency & Unbiased comparison Expert advice and an informed, unbiased opinion that clears the confusion and helps you buy that perfect plan for you. Can it get any easier?