If you’ve just bought yourself a new car, the next step you would make is to buy a car insurance cover. Even a mechanical failure or a small dent on your car can prompt you to bear a hefty sum if you don’t have suitable comprehensive insurance to meet out the expenses. The most appropriate car insurance plan is a comprehensive cover that covers your car from a variety of damages – and in these times, you don’t need to look for an agent to search for the ideal plan for your needs. Today, you can even buy your car insurance online from the comfort of your home and get a couple of exclusive benefits that you’re deprived of when searching for plans offline.

Below are some of the reasons why buying your car insurance online is far much better than buying it offline.

Value for money

The online process for getting car insurance is far much secured and faster. This means you continue curtailing down on fuel, money and time that you would instead have spent actually visiting insurers. Even searching for plans over phone calls made to insurance companies is a time-driven process, with that IVR consumes most of your time.

On the other hand, when choosing your online car insurance cover through a comparison gateway, you can navigate the website for quotes meticulously, permitting you to make a knowledgeable decision when making the purchase decision.

Not required to work with an agent

The higher premium cost is one of the drawbacks that come in employing agents to buy your car insurance. Obtaining online insurance curtails down your money, time and brings you directly to the source. Having a traditional agent in the situation means there’s extra pressure of working with an individual who is required to make his requirements fulfilled and therefore, can end up endangering your choice of the appropriate car insurance. You also protect yourself from the trouble of agents finding ways to lure or cheat you into spending out more.

Offers and Discounts

Several online insurance companies provide great discounts and offer for limited periods on insurance products. For this objective, the car insurance plan you look for often would be available at a lower premium. Not only that, but you may also be able to grab a better deal on other insurance products and on your next car insurance renewal as well.

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User-friendly Experience

The entire online exploration, comparison and buying process makes the customer journey seamless. When connecting with a reputed online insurance platform, your financial transactions are sure to be carried out over secure and fast payment portals.

Compare Online

Online insurance platforms provide more powerful comparison tools, simplifying it to compare policies and weigh your options before settling for the one. This means you get to choose those features that are most customized for your requirements and a tailor-made package subject to your needs in a transparent, seamless and quick way before you make the final purchase.

Cashless Payments

Online car insurance platforms provide secure cashless payment amenities. This means that the complete purchase process is made simpler and more convenient for buyers. This combines with the other benefits of the online purchasing experience to form a suitable model for buyers who are searching to save time and precious Dirhams, without compromising on their insurance benefits.

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