BankOnUs is featured in Khaleej Times because it focuses on making the banking world easy along with a very friendly user journey. It simplifies the complications and confusions of banking and insurance sectors for the consumer by combining the power of data and Artificial Intelligence that can deliver better services to customers.

Often it is the case that when most of us are signing up for any banking products like credit card, loans, motor insurance and life insurance the one thing that we all want to end is the series of signatures one has to do along with the tedious paperwork because the consumers do not want to undergo the trouble of understanding what they are signing up for.

Dubai-based startup venture BankOnUs aimed at simplifying the complex and confusing world of banking and insurance. The venture was floated by Kirtan Desai, co-founder, BankOnUs and Dhruba Jyoti Sengupta, co-founder, BankonUs and Capstone Insurance a little over five months back and now delivers product comparisons for credit cards, personal loans, motor insurance, life insurance and health insurance.

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