Are you looking for a cheap TPL insurance for your car? Before purchasing, check out our guide to know all the information about TPL insurance.

What is TPL Insurance?

It is the most basic and most affordable form of insurance. You will be insured against all sums you may be liable for against any third party, such as loss of life, bodily injury, damages to vehicles or property caused by the use of your vehicle. TPL does not cover the cost of damage to your own vehicle. TPL will be the only option available to you if your car is 7 years or older.

How does TPL coverage work?

TPL insurance explained with a simple example: You hit a car from behind and it is your fault, the TPL insurance will only cover the car you hit damage but not yours.

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When do I choose TPL insurance?

Most people prefer going for comprehensive insurance which covers them and the third party, however, third-party liability insurance can be suitable for you if your car is not a new car and has cheap or low-cost repair options then you can go for TPL insurance.

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