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How to Insure a Tesla in the UAE?

17 Jun 2019

Are you looking to insure a Tesla in the UAE? Don't worry, your unique Tesla will be insured with the best policy in less than 30 minutes process. But first, what is the benefit of owning a Tesla? It is

How to Get Cheap Car Insurance Quotes?

21 May 2019

Latest statistics have found that the main concern for people when buying car insurance is the price, here's why we have combined the top tips to get cheap car insurance quotes with the best coverage that fits your needs in

Tips and Tricks to Get Cheap Car Insurance in the UAE

11 Mar 2019

We know that getting car insurance is mandatory in the UAE. We also know that the best place to get cheap car insurance in the UAE is here. Agreed. But what about the finer details? Do we know them all

Dubai Traffic Fines List 2019

21 Feb 2019

Did you get caught for traffic violations? Here's a driver's guide to Dubai Traffic Fines List. General Fines Driving under the influence of drugs or similar substances: Fine and jail term decided by court, 23 black points and confiscation 60

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Car Insurance

22 Jan 2019

Q: How long does it take to get an online car insurance quotes? A: Looking for car insurance policies and comparing quotes online can take up to less than one minute through Q: What will the comprehensive insurance cover? A: A

6 Car Insurance Myths You Should Avoid

21 Jan 2019

When you own a car in the UAE, there are two things that you should strictly steer clear of – traffic fines, and car insurance myths. Well, there isn’t much that we can do about the former. However, we certainly

Does Your Insurance Cover Rain Damages?

26 Nov 2018

While most of the populace of Dubai is ecstatic about the gallons of water that has been cascading down from the Dubai sky since last night bringing with it the much needed respite from the heat… … some of the

Top 7 Car Insurance Myths And Misconceptions

14 Aug 2018

It’s natural to have doubts especially when you are a first-time car owner looking for the best insurance policy for your vehicle. Well, we’re here to bust the top car insurance myths and misconceptions that you might have heard floating

Third party vs comprehensive car insurance

7 Aug 2018

Purchasing a car is just half way through your journey to actually start driving it on the roads of the UAE. There is still the matter of choosing a good car insurance policy for your newly bought ride. That’s when

What is Takaful insurance?

24 Jul 2018

What is Takaful insurance? How does Takaful insurance work? And How is it different from the conventional insurance policies? The word ‘Takaful’ literally means ‘mutual agreement’ which have been derived from an Arabic word ‘Kafalah’ meaning ‘to take care of’.