ADCB TouchPoints Titanium Mastercard

ADCB TouchPoints Titanium Mastercard

Min. salary
AED 8,000
Annual fee
Best for
  • Free for Life
  • Balance Transfer
  • Cashback
Avail benefits with the ADCB Touchpoints Titanium Mastercard. Save on balance transfers & get travel benefits with TouchPoints earned for every purchase made.
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Card Replacement fee
AED 99.75
Over Limit fee
AED 288.75
Late payment fee
AED 315
Cash Withdrawal Fee
AED 105 OR 3% Which ever is higher

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Unique Features

  • Reward on all spends without min requirement across groceries, utilities, school fees and all other spends.
  • 0% Int. for up to 12 months on school fee.
  • VOX Cinema buy 1 Get 1 -No spend condition.
  • Offers and discounts – Ferrari world / I Fly Dubai/Sky Dubai/ Jewellery and many others.
  • Touchpoint earnings (Titanium -0.5 on each dirham spent).
  • Annual save of AED 1900 conidering spends like grocery, utilities, fuel etc. (with a min monthly spend of AED 5000) plus 0% interest on 12 months instalments for school fees.


  • Free for life credit card.
  • Manage your credit card account 24/7 with our multi-functional Mobile App and Personal Internet Banking.
  • Your ADCB Credit Card gives you to the convenience to pay as little as 5% of your outstanding balance each month, and carry forward the balance to the next billing cycle.
  • Beat the stress of paying back any of your high value purchases by splitting transactions into easy installment plans at low interest rates and tenors of upto 24 months. At our wide range of partner locations, you can shop and pay back in installments at zero interest charges.

Core Benefits

  • Balance Transfer - Save immensely on interest expenses when you transfer your outstanding balances from other bank credit cards to an ADCB credit card. You also earn the flexibility to repay upto 12 months.