Auto Finance

Auto Finance Noor Bank

Min. salary
AED 8,000
Reducing / Flat
4.79% / 2.64%
Down Payment

We turn your dream car into reality with Noor Bank Auto Finance.

Max Amount
AED 500,000
Arrangement Fee
Early Settlement Fee
1.00 %

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Unique Features

  • Personalized service.
  • Pre-Approval within 60 Minutes.
  • Profit rate from as low as 2.64%.
  • Financing up to AED 500,000 for expats and AED 750,000 for UAE Nationals.
  • Maximum tenor of up to 5 years.
  • No salary transfer required.
  • Annual fee waived Credit card.
  • Wide range of vehicles.


  • Minimum age requirement is 21-65 years for both Salaried & Self Employed.
  • Minimum monthly salary requirement is AED 8000 for salaried & Average turnover of AED 50,000 for Self Employed.
  • Length of service/business - Confirmation in the current job for Salaried & 12 months in the UAE for Self Employed.

Documents required

  • Valid passport, Resident Visa and Emirates ID Copy. (Req. for both Salaried & Self Employed)
  • Valid UAE driving license copy. (Req. for both Salaried & Self Employed)
  • An evaluation report from approved valuator. (Req. for both Salaried & Self Employed)
  • Any other document as required by Noor Bank policy. (Req. for both Salaried & Self Employed)
  • Latest 3 months salary bank statement. (Req. only for Salaried)
  • Salary Certificate. (Req. only for Salaried)
  • Last 6 months personal and business bank statements. (Req. only for Self Employed)
  • Last 2 years audit financials. (Req. only for Self Employed)
  • Trade License, MOA, Passport copies of owners/partners. (Req. only for Self Employed)