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When you buy a new car (brand new or pre-owned), you instantly improve your lifestyle. By using a car loan to cover the cost, it’s easy to get your hands on the keys.

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End to end fulfilment

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Easy application

In a few simple steps you are minutes away from applying to a personal loan online.

Easy & quick comparision
Easy & quick comparision

We provide a side-by-side comparison feature to help you choose the best car loan for you.

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Get the car you deserve with an Auto Loan tailored just for you. It’s fast, convenient and hassle-free.

  • Reduction in monthly auto payments – Auto loan refinancing might lower your monthly car payment refinancing a car loan saving money as a result of lower interest rates, longer auto loan terms, or occasionally, even both!
  • Lower interest rates – qualifying for lower interest rates lower than your existing car loan, you might end up paying less in total interest. This is particularly true when the entire auto loan amount has been paid off!
  • Longer loan terms – With a lengthened auto loan term, there’s more time to pay off the loan amount along with smaller monthly payments. This auto refinance scenario might result in borrowers paying more for the car overall.
  • Shorter loan terms – Shorter terms may increase monthly payments. However, it can possibly reduce the amount of interest paid altogether. This, in turn, can prove to be beneficial when refinancing a car loan.

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Car Loans FAQs

Yes, as a car owner you can sell your car back to your dealer or directly to another buyer. Since your car is kept as a mortgage by your provider/bank, you are supposed to clear out your outstanding loan and only then transfer the car to the new owner.
It depends on the provider, some of them require salary transfer and some of them don’t so you may pick the one that suits you the best.
Minimum salary requirements vary from bank to bank but generally, it starts around AED 3,000.
The common documents requested from providers for a car loan are usually the following:
  • Copy of valid Passport, Visa, and Emirates ID
  • UAE driving license
  • Bank statement
  • Salary certificate
  • Vehicle quotation
The minimum age required to apply for a car loan is 21 years.
The maximum repayment period of a car loan is 60 months in most of the providers but it can vary from one to another.

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